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Auditions and Callbacks for Oliver! will be held January 16th and 18th at Copperstar Studios at the Northwest corner of Elliott and Arizona Ave.
3002 N. Arizona Avenue Suite 3-4 in Chandler, 85225


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Music, Lyrics and Book by Lionel Bart

Directed by Mary-Jo Okawa Choreographed by Laura Christian

Hailed the world over as one of the best-loved family musicals of all time. Based on the classic tale of the orphan boy who wants more, Lionel Bart’s award-winning musical masterpiece Oliver! features all the Charles Dickens characters singing such popular songs as “Food, Glorious Food,” “I’d Do Anything,” “Consider Yourself,” and “As Long As He Needs Me.”

Performs April 4 - 12, 2014 at Mesa Arts Center
Cast size: Large (over 30-40), Flexible
Cast Type: Children in Cast, Ensemble Cast - Many featured roles, Showcases trained singers, Strong/Large Chorus

Character Breakdown - click on the link below to see parts

Oliver Twist The protagonist of the story, he is a lonely orphan boy born in the workhouse, This actor must appear to be about 10 years old - boy soprano - must have strong ability to convey real emotions - some formal acting training preferred but not required.
Fagin A conniving career criminal, he takes in homeless boys and teaches them to pick pockets for him. He is the leader of Fagin's gang - a band of London pickpockets and thieves - This actor must appear to be 35 - 50 years of age – singer/dancer/actor - must have great character skills.
Nancy 25 - 40. Vibrant, earthy barmaid/ prostitute. She was trained, in her youth, as a thief by Fagin. Alto with a belt to a C, must be an excellent mover. She lives with and loves the abusive Bill Sykes. She longs for a better life. She takes a liking to Oliver and treats him like her own child. She sings several "big" voice number and the "eleven o'clock" ballad - requires an excellent singer/dancer/actress. This character is in scenes involving personal physical violence.
Bill Sikes 35 - 45, Nancy's brutal boyfriend - the "bad guy" - very violent. Bass/baritone - actor must be willing to play scene involving abuse and a murder.
The Artful Dodger This actor must appear to be about 14 years old. He is the cleverest of Fagin's pickpockets and introduces Fagin to Oliver. This actor must have a dynamic stage presence - Strong singer/dancer/actor.
Mr. Bumble 35 - 50 - The parochial overseer - Mr. Bumble oversee the operations of the work house were Oliver lives as a child - This actor must be a classically trained singer - Baritone/tenor- comic/pathos skills at huge plus.
The Widow Corney The actual Matron of the workhouse - comic role - female sidekick to Mr. Bumble - a full figured woman. She later marries Mr. Bumble.
Bet 15 - 18 - Nancy's friend, one of Fagin's former pickpockets - a triple threat - singer/dancer/actress.
Mr. Sowerberry 40 - 60 - the undertaker, a classic Dickensian character tall/thin - comic song - must have strong movement skills. He, with his wife, takes in Oliver and they use him in their funeral business.
Mrs. Sowerberry 30 - 60 - comic wife of Mr. Sowerberry - sings and dances.
Mr. Brownslow 50 - 65. Oliver's long lost relative - none singing
Mrs. Bedwin A housekeeper, age range 45-60. Works for Mr. Brownlow. Warm personality.
Doctor Grimwig Friend to Mr. Brownlow. Age range 40-50
Noah Claypole Undertaker’s apprentice, age range 18-25. Threatened by Oliver, he torments him.
Charley Bates 13 - 15 - Dodger's sidekick - a member of Fagin's gang.
Noah Claypole Undertaker’s apprentice, age range 18-25. Threatened by Oliver, he torments him.
Charlotte Sowerberry’s daughter, age range 16-21, actress.
Chorus Teens & Adults - Workers in the warehouse, thieves, London merchants, street vendors, bar keeps, policemen etc.
Dancing chorus 4m - 4f – (15 - 25) - must have some vocal skills.
Kid's ensemble 15-20 young performers (all must appear 8 - 14 years old) to play the orphans in he the work house and the members of Fagin's gang. Both boys and girls are encouraged to audition. Please note: parents will be requested to sign rehearsal and performance

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